Sunday, October 11, 2015

Don't Look Back / Jennifer Armentrout / 369 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

Seventeen year old Samantha Franco is found wandering a rural section of Adams County, Pennsylvania.  She has various cuts, bruises, and abrasions...and no memory.  She has been missing four days and her best friend, Cassie, is still missing.  Sam is appalled to discover that she and her friends are uber mean - popular, wealthy, rude bullies.  Sam has a dream boyfriend, Del, a twin brother, Scott, and two ex-childhood friends, Julie and Carson Ortiz.  Someone is leaving Sam cryptic notes and she is plagued with visions, hallucinations, or flashbacks relating to Cassie.  Sam feels like the tourists visiting Gettysburg, except she is sightseeing her old, forgotten life.  Sam had apparently changed when she and Cassie had become best friends at eleven.  Now she has the opportunity for a do-over.  She can become whoever she wants.  When Cassie is found dead - most likely murdered, Sam's recovered memories become crucial.  Is she a murderer?  Is it possible the stress has unhinged her and she is crazy?
Wow!  This page-turner captures interest from page one ad maintains suspense, tension, and empathy for the hapless heroine throughout.

"Money doesn't buy taste, personality, or common decency."
"Fear and popularity go hand in hand."

Gateway Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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