Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weight of Blood/Laura McHugh/306 pgs.

The setting is Henbane, Missouri, deep in the Ozarks. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Dane has just learned that eighteen year old Cheri Stoddard's body has been discovered--and it's obvious she was murdered. Cheri was "slow," and Lucy had been her only friend--although the friendship was more one-sided on Cheri's part once the girls became teenagers. When Lucy was a baby, her mother, Lila, disappeared--never to be found. Once Cheri's body is found, Lucy begins trying to find out what, exactly, happened to her mother all those years ago. In the process, Lucy discovers secrets that the small town has been harboring for years. The book is told in key characters' voices, in alternating chapters. It's a fast read, and hard to put down once the reader begins it. Since it's a debut novel, it will be interesting to see what the author produces next!

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