Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Swede/Robert Karjel/341 pgs. (September Challenge?--part of it takes place in Sweden & a military base in the Indian Ocean)

Ernest Grip is a Swedish security officer, who has been sent to assist FBI agent Shauna Friedman in determining if a prisoner being held is Swedish. This prisoner, only known as "N.," is suspected of being a part of a terror attack; he refuses to talk. Grip doesn't know why he has been chosen for this job, but becomes concerned when Shauna Friedman seems to more about his life than he feels is warranted. They all have their secrets: Grip, Friedman, and N. The manner in which the novel evolves, and the pieces of the puzzle come together is fascinating. It's one of the more complicated books I have read, but well worth the effort. This is Kajel's debut novel; I look forward to other books by this author. Highly recommended.

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