Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Midnight Thief / Livia Blackburne / 376 pages / Action Adventure Set in Another Country Sept. Challenge

Kyra has grown up on the streets of Forge.  She has no knowledge of her parents and has seemingly always been on her own.  She survives by theft.  She can climb better than anyone and can bypass the guards with ease.  She and her friend, Flick, refer to those more prosperous individuals who reside near the castle walls as Wall Huggers, fair game in a necessary redistribution of resources game.  Kyra's uncanny skills attract the attention of James, the leader of the Assassins Guild, who convinces Kyra that they are on the same side.  He proposes to pay her enough so that she can provide a home for two orphans.  Kyra is attracted to James and agrees with his proposition.  When Kyra realizes she has been duped, she tells James she is through, which results in her imprisonment, a horrible fire, and injury to her loved ones.  Kyra has several unlikely allies - Tristam of Brancel, a young palace knight...and the Demon Riders...  This is an action-packed adventure with a medieval feel highlighting bravery, compassion, and the duplicitous nature of some human beings.

Truman Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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