Sunday, September 13, 2015

Atlantia / Allyson Condie / 298 pages / Action Adventure Set in Another Country Sept. Challenge

There are so many secrets in Atlantia and Rio is determined to unlock them.  She longs for life above, to see sand and sky, but she and her twin sister, Bay, were born in Atlantia and have always lived in the city under the sea.  Rio would choose life above, but Bay has begged her to stay.  When it is her turn to declare for above or below, she chooses below in deference to Bay's wishes, and then is totally blindsided when Bay chooses above.  What is going on?  Did her aunt, a siren, kill her Rio's mother, her own sister, the Minister?  Is she evil?  Rio has secrets of her own.  She herself is a siren.  She determines to go above despite seemingly impossible odds.  With the help of a very devoted friend and a most unlikely ally, she is successful...or is she?

Truman Award Preliminary Award 1016-17

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