Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Blood Guard / Carter Roy / 279 pages

This book is destined to be a movie.  It is action-packed and filed with awesome special effects and mind-blowing equipment.  It starts with a bang, when thirteen year old Evelyn Ronan Truelove's mom picks him up from school then sets off on a high speed car chase, deflecting bullets with a sword...Where did that come from?  Turns out his mom is secretly a member of The Blood Guard, an ancient order of knights tasked with protecting the Pure - "thirty-six noble souls whose safety is crucial if the world as we know it is to survive."  Ronan's father has been kidnapped (?).  Ronan is on the run from the Bend Sinister, the antithesis of The Guard.  His two traveling companions - "Greta, a scrappy strong-willed girl he's never much liked, who possesses useful skills and cunning which she learned from her FBI father," and Jack Dawson, a two hundred year old devil-may-care teenage pickpocket, add depth and texture to this first book in an awesome new series...with a most compelling surprise ending.

Truman Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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