Sunday, September 27, 2015

Absolutely Almost / Lisa Graff / 288 pages

Albie is caring, thoughtful and good but he struggles in school.  In fact, he has been asked to leave his expensive prep school because he just couldn't make the grade.  Now in fifth grade, Albie struggles to succeed.  He is a devoted Captain Underpants fan, but when his mother objects to his choice of reading materials and insists he read Johnny Tremain instead, he quits reading altogether.  It is too hard, too boring.  His nanny handles this problem creatively and successfully, fashioning a Johnny Tremain cover for his Captain Underpants books.  Albie's best friend belongs to a family with two sets of triplets and their own TV show.  His other best friend, Becky, stutters and is generous with gummy bears.  In an attempt to be cool, Albie follows bad advice and nearly loses his friends.  This is a heart-warming insider look at learning difficulties and their possible relief strategies, sensitive acceptance of individual strengths and weaknesses, and the joys of Math Club with a plethora of math jokes.

Mark Twain Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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