Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pines / Blake Crouch / 307 pages

This is the first of Crouch's Wayward Pines trilogy which inspired the TV series.  While the TV series was mostly faithful to the text, careful readers/watchers will notice some differences.  I watched the series first and had many questions about the timeline and how Dr. Pilcher and his minions were seemingly able to move back and forth in the timeline to get people, put them in cryogenic sleep for 2000 years and then wake them up.  After reading the first book, I still have just as many questions.  If anything, the book is even darker than the TV series, with children as young as 7 years old participating in exterminating anyone who breaks Pilcher's rules about accepting life in Wayward Pines.  Ethan comes to Wayward Pines following a run-in with a Mack truck while investigating the disappearance of two secret service agents.  He can't accept the seemingly idyllic life because the residents of Wayward are just too creepy.  He escapes from the hospital where they are trying to brainwash him and defeats a trio of Abbies as he furthers his escape.  Pilcher finally decides to show him "what's really going on" while demonstrating his need to control everything and everyone in Wayward Pines.  This dystopian vision of our future is sure to keep readers up late pondering the possibilities of life inside a mountain with no way out.

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