Thursday, September 24, 2015

Forever Odd / Dean Koontz / 334 pages

This 2nd novel in the Odd Thomas series pitches Odd against a crazy occultist who has becomes obsessed with seeing the supernatural and becoming invincible by capturing the life-essence of the recently departed.  We see another of Odd's eccentric friends in the form of Danny, a young man the same age as Odd (about 20 years old) who suffers from "glass bone" disease.  Odd once again must rely on his supernatural senses of psychic magnetism and seeing the dead to track the occultist who has kidnapped Danny.  Odd seems more vulnerable in this novel than in the first.  He's still contemplating the death of his beloved Stormy (in Odd Thomas) and the meaning of life.  His friends do their best to convince him that he is an important part of their lives and that they want the best for him.  The events of this novel make Odd long for a more peaceful existence that he hopes to find in the next installment Brother Odd.

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