Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Believe No One/ A. D. Garrett/ 412 pages

Believe No One is the second collaboration by A. D. Garrett about DCI Kate Simms on a learning exchange in the US.  Kate is followed to the US by Nick Fennimore the professor responsible for her demotion in Briton.  While Kate is working in St. Louis, Nick is lured away from his book tour by a call from Oklahoma Deputy Hicks.  The case Hicks is working mirrors the disappearance of Nick's daughter and the murder of his wife.  Quickly the cold case that Simms is studying becomes tied to the case Nick is working and everyone ends up in Oklahoma looking for Rielly, a young boy missing after his mother's body is found in a pond.  The book is little slow getting started, but quickly pick s up the pace.  This book will be interesting to readers who like police procedurals,  murder and forensics.  For more information and read a likes see SCCCLD website.

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