Friday, August 28, 2015

Vendetta Defense / Lisa Scottoline 390 p.

Vendetta Defense / Lisa Scottoline 390 p.

Rosato associate, Judy Carrier (Everywhere that Mary went), takes the case of Tony Lucia, who has been arrested for murdering his life-long enemy Angelo Clouzzi.   Anthony "Pigeon Tony" Lucia, widowed for some 60 years, is the murder.  He has shoved Angelo in the storeroom of the pigeon-racing club house. Pigeon Tony is happy to have killed Angelo with his bare hands as Angelo murdered the love of his life and mother of his son some 60 years before.  What enrages Pigeon Tony is when Angelo taunts him with his murdering of Pigeon Tony's son and daughter-in-law in a fiery truck accident the year before.  A highly entertaining story.

Sixth in the Rosato and Associates novels series.

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