Friday, August 28, 2015

Slightly Sinful / Mary Balogh 271 p.

Slightly Sinful / Mary Balogh 271 p.

Alleyne Bedwyn is a military courier serving at the Battle of Waterloo when he is thrown from his horse and left for dead.  When he awakes in a brothel, he thinks he is in heaven.  Though he has lost his memory, his mind works find.  Rachel convinces him that she only plays the innocent.  She is filled with despair as her ex-fiance and minister has absconded with the brothel residents entire life savings.  They are filled with revenge.  The group only waits for Alleyne and his one-eyed Sergeant to heal.   When Alleyne as Jonathan agrees to play Rachel's husband so that she can get her inheritance, the plot becomes more twisted as she feels more and more unwilling to play this plot out against her uncle for who she comes to care.

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