Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All American: two young men, the 2001 Army-Navy game and the war they fought in Iraq / Steve Eubanks / 276 pgs

All American follows the lives of two military academy graduates, Chad Jenkins (West Point) and Brian Stann (Naval Academy) and their role in the famous 2001 Army v. Navy game when Army beat Navy 26-17.  Reading the stories of what these teams saw and felt during the football season after September 11th is enough to give anyone goosebumps.  The book is not just about football (in fact, only a short part of it is) but about what these men experienced once they graduated and delved immediately into two wars.  It goes through each of their careers with one immediately going into combat and the other one being held back due to some accusations brought against him by a female officer.  You learn what officers go through in combat and training missions, multiple deployments, and what they experience after they get out of the military with one becoming a famous MMA fighter and fighting in the UFC.  Highly recommend this book.

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