Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 9th Girl / Tami Hoag / 517 pages

"When Nikki Liska first came to homicide, Kovac had drilled into her that he person they worked for...was the victim.   They had to become the voice for the voiceless, the avengers for those who couldn't avenge themselves."  They are investigating the New Year's Eve murder of a local high school girl and fear that she is the ninth victim of a serial murderer called Doc Holiday.  Liska is also dealing with her recently turned taciturn teenage son, bullies, and wealthy influential people who believe that they are above the law.  This nail-biter deals with family dynamics gone awry and insists that "people can be selfish and people can be evil, and even if your only real desire in the world was to be accepted, life could [mess] you up in the blink of an eye for no reason that made sense to anyone."

"Contemporary teenagers.  It's Lord of the Flies in designer labels."

"Name calling is the last resort of an ignorant mind."

"No one dies in a vacuum.  Everyone's life touches someone for good of ill."

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