Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Up In Flames/Heather Graham/445pages (Author's last name ends in "M")

Up in Flames     Blue Heron was a super successful rock band that disbanded 10 years ago when the lead drummer, Keith, died of a drug overdose and perished in a house fire.  Jordan and his then wife, Kathy, divorced soon after.  Neither stopped loving the other but there were too many lies and too much distrust.  Now the old gang is getting back together for a benefit performance and it appears nothing has changed.  Jordan and Kathy are still in love and still fighting.  The mystery of Keith's death is hanging over everyone and someone is making threats!
     This is a reprint of an old Heather Graham novel.  She is a better writer now than she was then but she has a good story, great characters and I loved the ending!

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