Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fragments of the Lost/ Megan Miranda/ 371 pgs

While I don't usually read YA, Miranda writes both Adult and YA and I really like her writing. Turns out, I really love this book. Jessa is 17 and her boyfriend Caleb (technically ex-boyfriend for they had been broken up for a few weeks) died two months ago. His car went off a bridge during a rainstorm. His body was never found but the broken pieces of his truck were pulled from the river. Caleb's mom is too heartbroken to clear out his room, so she insists that Jessa do it. While she works, different items in the room bring back memories for Jessa and we learn about her relationship with Caleb. She also begins to find some suspicious things. With help from her friend Hailey, Caleb's best friend Max, and Caleb's little sister, Jessa gets closer and closer to the truth. While this was a little slow to get going, it picks up speed quickly and there are a couple of nice little twists at the end . I would recommend it to adults of all ages--young, new, and been around a while.

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