Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wrong to Need You/ Alisha Rai/ 358 pgs

This is the second book in this series about two families who co-owned a grocery store, but things took a tragic and dramatic turn two people were killed in a car accident ten years. The fallout from that incident is still being felt by the younger generation. In this story, Sadia is a widow with a young son. She's struggling to run the cafe left to her by her husband, the husband who told her he wanted a divorce just before he died. She's also struggling with family expectations, as her parents and four sisters are all doctors or doctors-in-training. Jackson is her former best friend and her late husband's brother. He's back in town after a ten year absence. Seeing that Sadia needs a chef, he stays on to help at the cafe. I really liked the characters in this one and the way their relationship developed. There has been some healing within the family and I'm interested to see what happens in the third book.

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