Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Replacement Child/ Christine Barber/ 271 pgs

This is a mystery set in New Mexico. The plot is very thin but the descriptions of Santa Fe are excellent. Lucy is a night editor at the newspaper and gets a tip about a body found at the bottom of a gorge. Honestly, Lucy struck me as far too young to be an editor, not just age-wise but also maturity-wise. The other main character is Gil, a detective with the police department. He was a more interesting character--a descendant of the original Spanish settlers of New Mexico.The body in question turns out to be the sister of a police sergeant. There is a lot here about the culture and traditions of Santa Fe, some of which was fascinating and some of which just felt like filler. As I mentioned, the plot was extremely predictable and cliche and the ending rather abrupt. I just checked and it seems this is the first in a series starring Lucy and Gil, which I did not realize.

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