Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Reluctant Fundamentalist/ Mohsin Hamid/ 184 pp

This book is written as a monologue by a young Pakistani man named Changez. Changez is telling his story to an unnamed American who he sits down with in an outdoor cafe in Pakistan. Changez begins his story with his experiences as an ambitious, not particularly devout Muslim,student at Princeton. His American dream and hard work lead him to a job in New York at a valuation firm. Changez assimilates to America, falling for an American woman. Then, September 11 happens. Changez begins to feel like a stranger in his adopted country and in his own skin.

The writing is lyrical and Changez's story is gripping. The ending of the story doesn't feel like an ending which was somewhat disappointing because I like to have a clear conclusion. But, I found it interesting to be inside the thoughts of someone very different from myself.

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