Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Paris Secret/Karen Swan/408 pgs.

There is a Paris apartment that has been vacant since after World War II. The Vermeil family, who the owners, learn of its existence, and the art objects in contains. Flora Sykes, a fine art agent, is called into assess the contents, and to trace the history of the paintings stored there. All is not as clear cut as it initially appears to be. Who were the original owners of the works of art, and how did they come to be in the Vermeil family's possession? There are family secrets--not only on the Vermeil side, but also in the Sykes family. There is something for everyone in this novel: mystery, romance, family secrets, a smattering of art history and World War II history. The book was highly recommended by a colleague--and it didn't disappoint. Highly recommended!

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