Monday, January 15, 2018

Someone to Wed/ Mary Balogh/ 383 pgs

I have read a couple of Balogh's books from a different series but was intrigued by the premise of and praise for this one. Wren has a birthmark covering a significant portion of one side of her face and, after a tragic childhood, retreats to the peace and quiet of her aunt and uncle's estate to become a recluse. When her two beloved supporters pass away at nearly the same time, Wren finds herself the heiress to a large fortune. She's also thirty years old and lonely. She decides to make a list of eligible men in the surrounding area and interview them to see if she'd like to propose they marry her in return for her money as she wants a husband and children. Enter Alex, the Earl of Riverdale, newly inherited and in desperate need of money. The two don't marry right away. This is a slow romance, with much of the focus on Wren taking a chance and moving into the light of society while being supported by Alex and his family. His family--they wouldn't stop coming out of the woodwork. Many of these characters probably appeared in other Balogh novels but they overwhelmed this one. I wish there would have been more time spent on the two main characters.

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