Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Christmas to Remember/ Anthology/ 294 pgs

This is a historical romance anthology from four authors:

*Lisa Kleypas-this story is a classic one of the bad boy and the strait-laced spinster. The writing was good but I thought parts of the plot were skimmed over too quickly.

*Lorraine Heath-the hero in this one is trying to woe the woman he loves away from her fiance. Despite how that makes him sound, I really enjoyed this one.

*Megan Frampton-this one's theme is a marriage of convenience between strangers. While the heroine repeated herself too often for my taste, the romance was really sweet and nicely done.

*Vivienne Lorret-I read the first chapter of this one but couldn't read any further. It just wasn't for me. I subtracted this story from the page total since I did not finish it.

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