Wednesday, September 13, 2017

True Tails of Baker & Taylor/ Jan Louch / 274 pgs

My second non-fiction book of the year:-) This is the biography of two cats who worked at a small public library in Minden, Nevada. The book was written by one of the librarians who initially brought these two Scottish Fold cats, Baker and Taylor, into the library. The cats were extremely popular with the patrons and staff alike and it was great fun to read about their antics and their different personalities. What sets these felines apart from other library cats is that they became world famous. For those not familiar with libraries, Baker & Taylor is a book distribution company. The cats were named after the company because the librarians were familiar with it. However, once the company caught wind of their furry namesakes, they wanted to use them for advertising. Baker and Taylor grudgingly submitted to photo shoots for posters and promotional items and soon their adorable faces were known the world over. People from across the country even visited the library just to see the cats.

The story of the cats' lives was interesting. At times the librarian veered off into the story of her own life and I have to say I did not find that part as fascinating. Of course, about halfway through the book it dawned on me that cats born in the early 1980s...well, they would no longer be with us:( So by the end I needed a box of tissue. But I have no regrets about reading their story.

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