Saturday, July 1, 2017

Where the Dead Lie/ C.S. Harris/ 338 pgs

This is book number 12 in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, a historical mystery series set in England around the year 1813. Though the author does a decent job of keeping the reader current on the major arcs of the series, I would recommend starting at the beginning if you are interested. Sebastian St. Cyr is a young aristocrat, now with a wife and child, who finds himself investigating murders and disappearances on a regular basis. In every book, Sebastian bounces around London interviewing suspects, there is always a chase scene, and someone always seems to be trying to kill him (sometimes it's even his father-in-law!). This particular book is concerned with orphaned
street children who are going missing and one of them turns up dead, having been tortured and sexually assaulted, so definitely not a cozy mystery. This is another series where I've kept reading to see what happens with the overarching mystery and the main characters, but it is getting somewhat predictable. I wish more time would be spent on the major plot points affecting the characters' lives but instead it seems like they take baby steps in each book.

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