Thursday, June 29, 2017

Some like it Scot / Suzanne Enoch /362 p.

     Finally, fourth book in the series (Scandalous Highlanders).  In this one, the last brother, Bear, finds his true love and match.  She can out shoot him and can stand up to him.  No one else has ever been able to do that.  She, of course, is running from an unwanted pre-determined marriage.  Catriona was raised as a boy which makes everyone view her as a bizarre oddity except for Bear who is smitten with her.  The story is about the relationship between them and between Bear and his brothers.  Can the clan take the change?  Will Bear have to leave his clan to keep his woman?  (of course not, but it is getting to the conclusion that is interesting.)  I wish the men in the books has fewer anger issues.  At least in this one, Catriona had as much trouble with anger as Bear.

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