Thursday, June 22, 2017

Murder in the Bowery/ Victoria Thompson / 295 pgs

Murder in the Bowery is the 20th book in the Gaslight Mystery series. This series is set in very late 1890s New York City. The two main characters throughout the series are Sarah, a midwife, and Frank, a policeman. These books are quick reads that I would characterize as cozy historical mysteries. I love the historical setting but as the series has gone on the mysteries are beginning to feel the same to me and the main group of characters seem to live perfect lives where nothing ever goes wrong in their relationships. Still, I've kept up on the series because it's like visiting old friends. In this book, Frank is asked to find a young newsboy who has gone missing. Meanwhile Sarah is intent on buying an old house to turn into a maternity hospital. If this series interests you, I recommend starting at the beginning.

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