Monday, June 12, 2017

History of Wolves/ Emily Fridlund / 279 pgs

History of Wolves is...different. I can't say I really liked it but I also didn't hate it. The story is almost a compilation of impressions, as seen from the view of a young teen, Linda/Mattie/Madeline (frustratingly, I never understood why different people in her town called her by different names). The story takes place in far northern Minnesota in a small town and around the lake where the teen's mother and father own a rundown former commune. Some details in the story were so vague, I'm not even certain of the time period, though my guess would be early-mid 90s. It eventually comes out that this is the story of Linda, the teenager, and the family she ends up babysitting for one summer. I won't say much more than that except to say that the religion Christian Science is involved, though rarely named. The story also jumps back and forth throughout Linda's life but even then so much of it was just impressionistic that I'm not entirely sure of everything that went on. I'm still not clear on Linda's origins, for example. Overall this was just a so-so read.

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