Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sundays at Tiffany's / James Patterson / 309 pgs

This is one of those books I would have never picked up if not for the reading challenges I do. That said, for a romance, it was pretty good! The ending was a bit cliche and it looked like it was heading for the kind of ending that was in the movie "City of Angels" but I'm glad it didn't quite go there. 

The story involves Jane, the daughter of a famous actress, who doesn't feel loved or have friends save for her imaginary friend, Michael. Michael looks like a handsome 30 year old. On Jane's 9th birthday, he leaves her for good, saying that all imaginary friends must move on to their next assignment once a child hits 9 years old. He tells her that she won't even remember him. In this case, however, Michael was wrong. Twenty-three years later, Jane is an adult, still in the shadow of her mother, in a relationship with an actor who doesn't even care for her. Then she sees Michael, her imaginary friend, looking exactly like he did when she was young. Michael, on the other hand, is at a total loss as to why the sweet little girl all grown up is back in his life.

Like I said, I'm pretty particular when it comes to romances but I really liked the unique twist in the book, the idea that imaginary friends aren't so imaginary. I recommend it for someone who wants something a little different in their romance.

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