Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Woman in Cabin 10/ Ruth Ware/ 340 pages

I would say this book was okay.  It's supposed to be suspenseful *I thought* and it didn't really do it for me.  It finally got moving faster and had my interest at the last 1/3 of the novel. But, even then, I thought it was going to link back cleverly to the first scene and it's didn't, which leads to the discussion of was the first "break in" related to the events of the book or some crazy coincidence.  I feel like they left it at coincidence and I don't buy it.
Anyway, Lo Blacklock's apartment was burglarized while she was home. Almost immediately, she has to leave to cover the maiden voyage of a ship for her travel publication.  But, the woman in the cabin next to her's is gone and no one else has even seen that woman to begin with.  What's the story? Who can she trust to help her? Anyway, an okay book, but not a "must read".

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