Monday, April 10, 2017

The Burning Page: An Invisible Library Novel/Genevieve Cogman/356 pgs.

Librarian spy Irene Winters and her apprentice, Kai, have been sent to do a relatively mundane task--retrieve a book from one of the alternate worlds. However, the portal through which they should use to return to their "normal" world, bursts into flames. Using a different route, they safely return, only to learn that theirs was not the only "gate" that had burst into flames. They soon discover that someone is trying to destroy the Library--and it turns out to be Irene's nemesis, Alberich. Irene must stop him--and therein lies the "meat" of the story. There is adventure, suspense, and a satisfying conclusion--until the next book in the series appears! Highly recommended series.

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