Saturday, April 29, 2017

Missing, Presumed/ Susie Steiner / 384 pgs

Missing, Presumed is a mystery/suspense novel that I didn't realize until I finished is the first book in a new series. In Cambridgeshire, England a young PhD student goes missing from her apartment one night, leaving behind her keys, cell phone, money, a boyfriend, and a small spattering of blood. There aren't really any clues to her disappearance. The story is told from numerous points of view including the girl's mother, her best friend, and two of the investigating officers. However, I think it's safe to say that the main character is one of those officers, Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw. Manon's life is a bit of a mess, largely due to her own decisions (my opinion:-)) but I found her sympathetic because of those very flaws. She seems like a real person, one who sometimes makes good decisions and sometimes doesn't, just like the rest of us.

As for the mystery itself, I thought it was very slow. Since we get a peak into so many characters' lives, the reveal of information, especially from the police perspective seems to take a long time. The solution to the young woman's disappearnce didn't really surprise me although the circumstances of the related crime did. Despite the slowness I found myself enjoying Manon's character. When I was finished, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there will be a second book in the series and I do plan to read it.

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