Thursday, April 13, 2017

Devil in Spring/ Lisa Kleypas / 384 pgs

Devil in Spring is the much anticipated sequel to Kleypas' Devil in Winter starring the son of the couple in that book. I was reluctant to jump back into reading Kleypas's new historical romances and I think I might be finished after this one. Lady Pandora is a somewhat flighty eccentric young girl who is "caught" in a compromising position with Gabriel, the golden-haired Adonis-like son of a duke. Pandora and Gabriel do not know each other and were not doing anything wrong. However, Society and Gabriel and his family all think they will have to marry. Pandora is dead set against marrying anyone because she wants to run a board game company. I really do hate to sound curmudgeonly because Kleypas knows how to string words together in a beautiful way, but I could not get into these characters and I did not believe in their romance at all. Gabriel falls in love with Pandora with hardly a by-your-leave (before the mid-point of the book), Pandora caves on her "I will not marry" stance by the exact middle, and there is no conflict between these two.  I enjoyed the cameos by characters from Kleypas' older series and I wish that I loved this one more.

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