Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Let You Go/ Clare Mackintosh /377 pgs

I Let You Go is a bit of a hybrid book--part police procedural, part mystery as it's told from the alternating points of view of the police and the suspect in a crime. It takes place in Bristol, England and the coast of Wales, which I found a refreshing change from good old London. The book opens with a child being killed in a hit-and-run accident. Fair warning if you might find this disturbing as the accident is described multiple times. The identity of the suspect is known from the beginning by the reader, but not by the police. I enjoyed the author's writing but sometimes found the characters frustrating, especially the police. I was especially irritated that the climax of the story would not have happened if the police hadn't been incompetent. I also found the inclusion of a third point of view in the middle of the story somewhat unnecessary. As for the "twist" at the end, it was wholly unbelievable. Still, I mostly enjoyed the book and I am willing to give this author another try.

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