Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Bookshop on the Corner: a novel/ Jenny Colgan/ 332 pages

The Bookshop on the Corner written by Jenny Colgan presents in interesting idea.  The Birmingham, England library is closing branches, downsizing it's and collection and going hi-tech.  Media specialist are in and librarians are out.  Nina hopes to retain her job as librarian, all the while collecting the spoils of discarded books.  After losing out to friend Griffin, for the one job opening and having her book collection threaten serious structural damage to her roommates home, Nina embarks on an adventure.  Up in the Scottish highlands is an old van, perfect for Nina's idea of a rolling bookstore.  Her stock?  All those discarded library books.  After a few mis-starts, Nina gets her van up and going.  All that is to find romance.  Will it be midnight train engineer, Marek or sheep farmer Lennox who fulfills her dream?  This is a light read that presents some interesting concepts and presents Scotland in a very nice light.  

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