Monday, January 30, 2017

Lady of Sin/Madeline Hunter/432 pgs

I really enjoyed this book! It's the seventh book in the Seducers series but I haven't read them all and was still able to follow this one just fine.

Charlotte, a widow, and Nathaniel, an earl's son who has disappointed his father by becoming a criminal defender, have never got along. They spend much of their time bickering. One night, however, Charlotte attends a scandalous masquerade party and seduces Nathaniel. Oddly, the author doesn't show this scene but starts the story about a month later. Charlotte and Nathaniel are thrown together for a bunch of different reasons, including solving a mystery.

This is a wonderful story of two mature adults slowly falling for each other. These two do not have misunderstandings because they actually talk to each other. They also know each other well enough to call the other out for trying to hide their true feelings.

This was a truly lovely romance that left me with a smile on my face:)

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