Friday, December 9, 2016

When a Scot Ties the Knot / Tessa Dare / 376 pgs

In order to avoid going through an uncomfortable and awkward London season, painfully shy, intelligent, and independent Miss Madeline (Maddie) Gracechurch invented a sweetheart.  She imagined a Scottish Captain, named Logan MacKenzie, who was kind and devoted to her, but also, conveniently, away on the battlefield.   Maddie even wrote actual letters to her pretend sweetheart and sent them to keep up her rouse.  Maddie thought that she would be able to ride out the London Seasons until she is "past her prime" and will then be able to stay independent in her spinsterhood.  It was all working out until, one day, the REAL Captain Logan MacKenzie shows up on her doorstep, with her letters in hand, and demanding that Maddie make good on all the things that she had promised over the years. 

Both characters are very nice and honorable and will have romance readers routing for them. 

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