Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tea Planter's Wife/ Dinah Jefferies/ 413 pages

The Tea Planter's Wife written by Dinah Jefferies is set in Sri Lanka in the early 1900's.  Gwen Hooper arrives in Ceylon in 1922 to join her new husband, Laurence, on their tea plantation.  She encounters Savi Ravasinghe, a Sinhalese artist who assists her until Laurence arrives.    A drunken encounter with Savi, some months later, leaves Gwen with some confusion.  Laurence's sister, Verity, becomes a thorn in Gwen's side, while Christina, Laurence's business partner wants Gwen to believe she is more than that.  All the while Gwen tries to learn the ways of her new homeland.  This book presents an interesting look at race relations and perceptions.  The reader will enjoy following along as little by little mysteries are revealed and answers are found.

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