Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I've Got You Under My Skin/ Mary Higgins Clark/ 303 p

Laurie Moran wants to produce a true crime reality television show that takes a new look at old murder cases. The premise of "Under Suspicion" is while a murder is unsolved, those closest to the victim remain "under suspicion." For the first show, she's chosen the case of Betsy Powell. Betsy was found suffocated in her bed after a celebration for her daughter and friends. Bringing everyone together, Laurie and her staff begin to unravel the truths from the lies, finding secrets that may or may not point to the person who got away with murder.

Unsolved murder is a topic that hits close to home for Laurie. Her three year old son watched his father, Laurie's husband, murdered by someone with a grudge. Timmy, who calls the killer, "blue eyes", also relaid a message to Laurie. She would be next, then Timmy. Her husband's killer was never caught so she must always be on her guard.

This is a great read for someone who enjoys mysteries and suspense without a lot of graphic violence or language.

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