Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chaos/ Patricia Cornwell/ 385 pages

Chaos by Patricia Cornwell is the latest installment of the Kay Scarpetta series.  Even though it took 200 pages for Kay to arrive at the crime scene, unlike some recent installments, this book does have a plot.  Overall the book will keep the reader's interest.  After running a few errands, Kay is on her way to meet Benton for dinner.  It's a dinner they will not finish when they receive simultaneous calls.  Marino picks up Kay and they head to the crime scene, 200 pages away!  The case comes together quickly with help from the usual characters.  Meanwhile Benton and the FBI try to intrude on the case from a different perspective.  The final climax comes once Benton and Lucy have departed for Washington and Kay arrives home.  The reader will find it to be a satisfactory ending.

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