Saturday, November 26, 2016

Superman, Wonderwoman (vol. 1) : Power Couple / Charles Soule / 192 pgs

Volume 1 of a new series that explores the question, "what if Superman and Wonder woman were in a relationship?".

I'm not sure how I feel about this comic; as it just throws the whole Clark Kent/Lois Lane relationship right out the window, pretending that it never happened.  I mean that's a pretty classic pairing, and to mess with it kind of makes this not a "superman" story.

But, I digress; IF Lois Land and Superman were never in a relationship and Superman hooks up with Wonder Woman, then this is actually a pretty interesting story line.  I like that in volume one, Wonder Woman deals with the same relationship problems as any other normal human goes through.  She doubts Superman's feelings, she wonders if he wants her to change her lifestyle for him, she hopes they can have a "normal" relationship even though they are famous superheroes.

There are a few superhero fighting sequences, but I was reading this for the relationship story-line.

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