Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Year We Disappeared/ Cylin and John Busby/ 329 pages

The Year We Disappeared is a memoir written by Cylin  Busby and her father, John Busby.  It recounts the year in their lives following the attempted murder of police officer John Busby.  Labor Day weekend on the Massachusetts Cape, John is ambushed and shot.  John survives the shooting but loses most of his upper and lower jaw due to the shotgun blast.  Facing a long and painful recovery while fearing for retribution on his family, the reader follows John and Cylin as they tell the tale from their own perspective.  John is gripped by anger and fear for his family.  Cylin must learn to cope with police escorts to school and being shunned by classmates.  The story is especially poignant with the recent crimes against police officers.  Both authors paint a picture of what fear and anger can do to a family.  This is a well written book that will hold the reader's interest.

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