Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Hired Girl / Laura Amy Schlitz / 387 pages

      This engrossing novel set in 1911 and 1912 is about a fourteen year old girl who runs away from her home to a city and finds a position as a maid.  The book is written through her journal entries which are really descriptive.  Hers is a sad life on a farm living with her father and 4 brothers. Her mother had died and she has been doing all the "women's work" for two years and cannot go to school.  Her father is really mean and running away is really her best option.
     Her family of employers in the city are Jewish and she is Catholic so there is a lot of education for the reader about the two religions and the common ground.  She has many ups and downs and reacts like the fourteen year old she is rather than the eighteen year old she is pretending to be.  I was so glad of the happy ending as I was rooting for her the entire way.

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