Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby: The Diaries / Helen Fielding / 240 pgs

At 240 pages, this book was a pretty quick read. I finished it after only a couple of hours last night and a couple more this morning. I've always loved the first two Bridget Jones books and movies, but have not read the third book that was released last year, nor have I yet to see the newest movie, "Bridget Jones's Baby." That said, I am aware of the new character played by Patrick Dempsey in the movie. If you were expecting him to be in the new book, you will be disappointed. Instead, we have Daniel Cleaver again, which annoys me to no end. You would think, after the first two books, Bridget would have figured out what a jerk he is, but apparently she has not. That infuriated me more than anything else, especially since Daniel actually plays a part into why Bridget and Mark broke up not long after the end of the second book.

So, that is the bad. The good is that the new book brings back the nostalgia of the old books including the fun characters like Shazzer, Tom, and Bridgets' parents. However, since Bridget has gotten her weight under control, she no longer keeps a running total of her weight, calories consumed, and the like. I recommend the book only to those who want to relive the fun of the original Bridget Jones novels, but not to those who just want to read a novelization of the latest movie.

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