Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Great Reckoning/ Louise Penny/ 386 pages

A Great Reckoning is the twelfth book in the Inspector Gamache series written by Louise Penny.  All is quiet in Three Pines.  As quiet as it can be with the usual quips an comments between Gabri and Ruth and Myrna.  Inspector Gamache is preparing for his new job, head of the Surete Academy.  As he reviews all the applicants information he comes across a name that jars him.  After a long debate he accepts Amalia Choquet to the academy, tattoos and body piercing and all.  All is well as Gamache works to clean up the academy and prepare the students for life as Surete officers until a professor is murdered.  The crime scene is made to look like a suicide and evidence points to Amalia as the murderer.  All the while the Gamache has tasked four promising cadets with the job of deciphering an old map found in the walls of the Bistro.  This is a well written book and will be enjoyable to those who like mysteries.  The regular fan of  Inspector Gamache will finally learn why Three Pines does not appear on any map.  

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