Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dark Matter: A Novel/ Blake Crouch/ 340 pages

The book opens in Chicago.  Jason Dessen and his wife Daniela and son Charlie are finishing dinner.  Jason's college friend had won a prestigious award and Daniela urges Jason to stop in at his celebration party.  An apparent mugging turns Jason's life upside down.  He is the genius who has the prestigious award.  Daniela is not his wife and Charlie was never born.  Jason finds himself questioning what is real and is he really who he thinks he is.  As things become clear, Jason enters a search for his reality.  Danger builds the closer he gets to home.  This story of alternate realities will appeal to readers who like action adventure as well as sifi.  The author's use of quantum mechanics and Schrodinger's Cat should not put off the less science oriented reader.  The end concludes this book, but it also leaves the door open for more adventures.

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