Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Art of Taming a Rake / Nicole Jordan 399 p.

Venetia Stratham enter's a bordello to accost a rake who is courting her sister.  Venetia doesn't want her sister to become the social outcast that she is because of the actions of Quinn Wilde, Earl of Traherne.  As he escorts her to her carriage, after a somewhat sensuous meeting, he is assault by ruffians intent on taking his life.  Venetia enters the fray swinging her reticule.  Once again Venetia finds her name bandied about by the blue stocking crowd, causing Quinn to propose and enter into a hasty marriage.  There is some suspense as Quinn, aided by his family, seek the master behind the attempted murders, yes there are several attempts.  Of course, all ends happily in this very very steamy romance.  Considerable amount of the plot is devoted to the love affair between Venetia and Quinn.

This is the fourth in Jordan's Legendary Lovers series.
Art of Taming a Rake / Nicole Jordan 399 p.

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