Friday, August 26, 2016

After Midnight / Teresa Medeiros 370 p.

Caroline, the eldest of the three Cabot sisters, uses up the last of their savings to go to London to discover Viscount Trevelyan intentions towards her sister Vivienne.  Portia, another sister, astonishes Vivienne with her conviction that the viscount is a vampire.  After all, he is never seen in daylight and his castle is curtained at all times; and, he goes on nightly excursions to who knows where.  Caroline doesn't believe in vampires and puts off Portia's conviction.  When she meets the handsome viscount, she is attracted to him.  The more she learns about him the more she is drawn to him and the more Portia's belief seems to be true.

Do read this book before reading The Vampire Who Loved Me.

After Midnight / Teresa Medeiros 370 p.

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