Thursday, July 7, 2016

Three Weeks with Lady X / Eloisa James 388 p.

Thorn Dautry, bastard son of a duke, has decided it is time to marry.  He has found a good prospect in Laetitia, but he has not told her yet.  First he must do more than gentrify himself, he needs to go farther and be acceptable to the blue bloods of society.  To make it happen he hires Lady Xenobia India whose specialty is creating just such an atmosphere.  She takes on rehabbing the dilapidated estate, hiring all the servants, redecorating in the most exquisite taste, and doing it all in three weeks.  But love has a way of throwing one a curve ball.  Even though Thorn has found a woman who fulfills his qualifications love may send him down a different path in this steamy romance.

Three Weeks with Lady X / Eloisa James 388 p.

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