Thursday, July 14, 2016

Off Season / Anne Rivers Siddons / 11 hrs. 29 min.

This audio book was read by Jane Alexander - an actress I have enjoyed in the past. Her reading was almost the reason I would have given this 4 stars, however, the last part of the story was unfulfilling. The journey of Lily through her present grieving process took us to back to her past. The story had wonderful description and character development - I really knew who these characters were and could easily picture them. Lily loves so completely that her very self is lost when Cam, her husband, dies suddenly. Lily goes back to her childhood summer vacation home to heal in the only way she knows connecting to her past. It is when the author brings us to Lily's present life when unsettling information becomes known to Lily and she does not pursue it. Why the author chose to finish her novel this way is a mystery to me. Seems like it was time to wrap it up, I guess.

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