Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Affair before Christmas / Eloisa James 400 p.

Four years after a romantic marriage, Perdita and her husband, the Duke of Fletcher, split.  She moves in with her friend Jemma, the Duchess of Beaumont.  Poppy feels Fletch has fallen out of love with her and is turning to a mistress.  She reflects that perhaps the problem may be more with her as her mother pushed her to marry a duke.  She is amazing naive, insecure, with a dominating mother full of idea about marital relations that she never hesitates to proclaim to Poppy.  No wonder Poppy has bedroom trouble.  Fletch realizes he misses Poppy and that he still loves her and is willing to compromise to get Poppy back and his mother-in-law out of his house.

2nd in James' Desperate duchesses series.
Readers of Mary Balogh's historical romances may enjoy these by Eloisa James
Affair before Christmas / Eloisa James 400 p.

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